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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I is for In the Sweet Kitchen, Ice Cream Maker & ...

Ice Cream Ball

How cool is this ice cream maker??? It's a ball! Just chuck your cream and ice in it and go out and play with it and voila! Ice cream! Talk about playing with your food ... I LOVE IT!!!! With every exclamation point of my being!

Ice Cream Maker
I never hankered for one before as I used to make ice cream the very very old fashioned way involving a lot of elbow grease and time. Until I ate this amazing basil ice cream and wanted so badly to make loads of it so I can share it with everyone and anyone. Now, I hanker for an ice cream maker.

In the Sweet Kitchen: The Definitive Baker's Companion

Just the cover picture alone is enough to send me into a tailspin of unbridled lust.

Isabella Cushions

I love my bed linen and I adore lots of pillows on my bed ... so much so sometimes you would not even know I am there under all the pillows! The turquoise (what else?) pillow is just too cool.


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