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Thursday, March 09, 2006

W is for Wild Australian Wattle Seeds

Wild Australian Wattle Seeds
I have no clue what they look like but I've seen them appearing in some really cool recipes and I am curious as hell now. Have not seen it in the local supermarkets so if anyone wants to send me some to sample, I will be right chuffed!

Warming Tray
There is a fundamental problem in food blogging. While you are taking photos of your creations, they get cold. And sometimes reheating is not an option. I believe a warming tray may solve some of the problems, allowing me to blog and eat happily. Prove me wrong ... gimme a warming tray. Subtle, huh?


Yes, I am delirious with day dreams but I've decided this blog is also to record all my droolicious wistfulness, so there! I adore the Jasper Conran Chinoiserie plate - but only in white. The green one is just too too much.

I know I am an oxymoron to like waver from the lushness of the Chinoiserie range to Conran's Platinum Fine Bone China range but that's just how I like things. This is very bling bling but still manages to be elegant - how I hope to be I guess.

Sometimes I surprise myself at how old fashioned I am. Just look at how I went all wide-eyed and making cooing noises at the sight of the Columbia Sage Green Fine Bone China!


Blogger Ed Charles said...

I have a plump pack of wattle seeds I was sent for helping judge The Paper Chef last year. I can post you some if you like – email me where to send them (promise I'm not a stalker). I've used them in baking, a few years ago in a Yule Log. They have a sort of nutty coffee taste.
PS: Casa Moro is great. Got one of the books last year, having discoved it through my mate Ben. Really wonderful food.

8:00 pm  
Blogger MM said...

Wow Ed, that's so kind of you! I would love to get a sample of the seeds ... thanks so much! Will email you shortly.

Now I feel obligated to fall off my chair as stated in this blog ...

12:09 am  
Blogger MM said...

I just wanted to leave a note here for any poor sod who wandered here by misfortune that Ed Charles is a wonderful, wonderful person! Wattle gent! (sorry for the pun) I received a fat packet of wattle seeds and now I am all agogged as to what to do with them! What fun!

5:31 pm  

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