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Thursday, March 09, 2006

C is for CASH & Chocolate Dessert & ...

Need I explain???

Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme
You can send me the book or the actual desserts. Or both. I am not fussy.


Chez Panisse Cooking

So many people swear by this tome by two of the most well known chefs, Paul Bertolli & Alice Waters that I think I will enjoy it.

Cuisinart Smart Stickā„¢ Stainless Steel Hand Blender & Chopper

I love the idea of the electric whisk!

Clio Martini Glasses

I've loved these glasses since I first spied them at the Regent Hotel. Absolutely fabulous!

Coffee Makers from Cucina

After J of Kuidaore introduced this shop, I have been slavishly lurking on their site. Can't read a word of Italian except for cucina (even I know what that means) but it sure makes me want to learn the language now!

Christofle Crystal

I love the Symphonie range of crystals. Such colours! Such lines!

Chianti Family Cookbook

I love Italian food and went through a phase in my early 20s when all I cooked was Italian for months! However, despite all that cooking, I still find that my knowledge and repertoire could improve vastly. From all accounts, this book should help.

Chocolate Obsession

You can tell I have a wee bit of a Chocolate Obsession, no?

Cognac Glasses

Apparently people with varifocaled lenses hate these type of glasses but I LOVE them. I also love Cognac. Is that a very ungirlie thing to like?


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