Mana Makan - The Feast Crusade Shameless Wish List

My wish list of things I covert or am planning to acquire at some point ... hopefully through kind but wasteful individuals who would donate them to me! Just .. shameless, just shameless!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

R is for Ramekins, Roly Rocks Glasses ...

Individual Soufflés & Heart Ramekins

How cute are these? Individual ramekins ... OK, so I am not too keen on the heart shape thingy as that is just way too cutsey for me but I like the miniature proportions.

Roly Rocks Glasses

I adore ... ADORE these glasses!

Royal Garden Bed Linen

My bed linen fetish was ignited by these ...

P is for Pig Baking Dish, Panini Grill Pan ...

Pig Baking Dish
Awww, isn't that the sweetest thing?

Mario Batali Red Panini Grill Pan with Press

What's not to love about this???

Paella Pans

I love paella but seldom cook it because all the paella pans I have seen are huge. When you cook only for one and the one person eats for 1/2 a person, you really need baby-sized paella pans. I found this on a website and am hoping that I'd find the equivalent in Singapore. If not, someone be a dear and send me one?

Pasta Cutters & Tools from Cucina

For someone who so loves pasta, I've never tried to make any from scratch - except gnocchi. I think I am just intimidated by the process but I bet if I had some of the extremely cool tools from Cucina, I might be churning out some rather phenomenal pasta. Fingers crossed.

Porcelain plates from Leone Limentani - Herend

While I like simple things, I also have a side that adores the intricate patterns of the Herend line of TCA porcelain plates. I know it's old fashioned but I guess that just makes me an old fashioned girl then, eh?

Pineapple Sage

Being allergic to pineapple is really one of the biggest bane of my existence - especially in Asia! So many things either have pineapple or pineapple juice in them that I've become one of those annoying people who always question the waiting staff about the content in food. Sigh. Then I read about pineapple sage in and realised I might be able to enjoy the taste of pineapple without ending up in hospital!

Paradis Dishes

These are so cute - brilliant for a casual table setting. Like the eggs too. Wonder what they taste like ...

K is for KitchenAid, Kuttara, Kirby Shot ...

KitchenAid® Blue-Steel Professional Pro 600 Stand Mixer
I love blue ... actually turquoise and lavendar are my favourite colours but somehow I like blue for my kitchen equipment. And I have been salivating over the KitchenAids for a long time. Since I was a wee girl. Sigh.

Kuttara Stoneware

I love this 4-piece set from Crate and Barrel. The molten lava centre on inky black is just the kind of dramatic backdrop I like.

Kirby Shot Glasses


Thursday, March 09, 2006

W is for Wild Australian Wattle Seeds

Wild Australian Wattle Seeds
I have no clue what they look like but I've seen them appearing in some really cool recipes and I am curious as hell now. Have not seen it in the local supermarkets so if anyone wants to send me some to sample, I will be right chuffed!

Warming Tray
There is a fundamental problem in food blogging. While you are taking photos of your creations, they get cold. And sometimes reheating is not an option. I believe a warming tray may solve some of the problems, allowing me to blog and eat happily. Prove me wrong ... gimme a warming tray. Subtle, huh?


Yes, I am delirious with day dreams but I've decided this blog is also to record all my droolicious wistfulness, so there! I adore the Jasper Conran Chinoiserie plate - but only in white. The green one is just too too much.

I know I am an oxymoron to like waver from the lushness of the Chinoiserie range to Conran's Platinum Fine Bone China range but that's just how I like things. This is very bling bling but still manages to be elegant - how I hope to be I guess.

Sometimes I surprise myself at how old fashioned I am. Just look at how I went all wide-eyed and making cooing noises at the sight of the Columbia Sage Green Fine Bone China!

M is for Moro & Miele Speed Oven ...

More of the Moro
These books ... drool.


Miele Speed Oven

Since I am really wishful thinking, why not go the whole hog? In space constraint Singapore, the Miele Speed Oven is a wonderful thing to dream about.

Mini Cheesecake Pans

I adore tiny things so of course this appeals to me. Great for individual cheesecakes so there's no fighting!

Milkshaker from Cucina

My milkshake is better thans yours and ... Oh, sorry ... I love milkshakes and I think this milkshaker from Cucina is to die for.

The Mirabelle Cookbook

For some reason, since I've heard of this book, I've been mildly intrigued despite the tacky cover. Who hired the graphic designer???

Mortadellino di Campostosto

So they apparently are shaped like mules' testicles. I've never gotten that close to a mule nor do I want to but these are excellent!


I've always loved quince so this sounds amazing to me.


I love the Baubles Cerulean range. Sigh.

D is For Desserts

Desserts by Pierre Herme
Simply droolicious. Sigh.

C is for CASH & Chocolate Dessert & ...

Need I explain???

Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme
You can send me the book or the actual desserts. Or both. I am not fussy.


Chez Panisse Cooking

So many people swear by this tome by two of the most well known chefs, Paul Bertolli & Alice Waters that I think I will enjoy it.

Cuisinart Smart Stick™ Stainless Steel Hand Blender & Chopper

I love the idea of the electric whisk!

Clio Martini Glasses

I've loved these glasses since I first spied them at the Regent Hotel. Absolutely fabulous!

Coffee Makers from Cucina

After J of Kuidaore introduced this shop, I have been slavishly lurking on their site. Can't read a word of Italian except for cucina (even I know what that means) but it sure makes me want to learn the language now!

Christofle Crystal

I love the Symphonie range of crystals. Such colours! Such lines!

Chianti Family Cookbook

I love Italian food and went through a phase in my early 20s when all I cooked was Italian for months! However, despite all that cooking, I still find that my knowledge and repertoire could improve vastly. From all accounts, this book should help.

Chocolate Obsession

You can tell I have a wee bit of a Chocolate Obsession, no?

Cognac Glasses

Apparently people with varifocaled lenses hate these type of glasses but I LOVE them. I also love Cognac. Is that a very ungirlie thing to like?

T is for Tetsuya & Thai Cooking School

Yeah, someone bring me there for dinner, please! OK, the book will do me too.

Thai Cooking School

Will someone sponsor me there for a course? I promise to cook every recipe I learn there for you!

N is for Nobu: The Cookbook & New Making of a Cook ...

Nars Eye Brightener

To disguise those pander eyes, I need this. For the sake of your own sight, get me this. Colour: Ginger. LOL.

Nobu: The Cookbook

Miso Cod. Need I say more? OK ... food porn. 'Nuff said.

The New Making of a Cook : The Art, Techniques, And Science Of Good Cooking
An incredibly boring title for a great book. Why do editors never get it?

F is for the French Laundry & Fish Measuring Spoons ...

The French Laundry

Someone take me there for dinner, please! Failing that, please buy me the book.

Fish Measuring Spoons

Sometimes I am such a girl. It's not as if I do not have at least 3 different measuring spoons sets already but these are just too adorable. All my girlies instincts just went "awwwww".

Food Saver

Practical yet high-brow. Practical because I always eat so little I have lots of leftovers. High brow because I can then try sous vide!

Foie Gras, I Love You!

What can I say when I am in tears just looking at this picture?

Florentine Blue Bed Linen

What can I say? I'm a hedonistic fool who just loves her bed linens. Maybe it's because I spent so much time in it. Scrub your pervie minds ... I meant my Queen sized haven is like a day bed where I work, read, watch telly and even eat in it. Bed linens are my weakness ... see me melt in the face of gorgeous bedlinen ...

I is for In the Sweet Kitchen, Ice Cream Maker & ...

Ice Cream Ball

How cool is this ice cream maker??? It's a ball! Just chuck your cream and ice in it and go out and play with it and voila! Ice cream! Talk about playing with your food ... I LOVE IT!!!! With every exclamation point of my being!

Ice Cream Maker
I never hankered for one before as I used to make ice cream the very very old fashioned way involving a lot of elbow grease and time. Until I ate this amazing basil ice cream and wanted so badly to make loads of it so I can share it with everyone and anyone. Now, I hanker for an ice cream maker.

In the Sweet Kitchen: The Definitive Baker's Companion

Just the cover picture alone is enough to send me into a tailspin of unbridled lust.

Isabella Cushions

I love my bed linen and I adore lots of pillows on my bed ... so much so sometimes you would not even know I am there under all the pillows! The turquoise (what else?) pillow is just too cool.